Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Introductory Statement

Guideword, noun, a word printed at the top of a page in a dictionary or other reference book to indicate the first of last entry or article on that page.

This is what holds the eye, what leads the page. Guideword Literary Journal strives to present works that will serve as starting points and as statements. The second edition of Guideword represents a significant change in the format of the journal. Guideword is now joining the voices of the many who use the Internet to express themselves and to present their art to a wider public, in a format that is accessible to all and allows our readers and viewers to interact with the journal itself. The editors believe that this is the ideal place for Guideword to dwell. As the literary journal of Goddard College it functions very much like the college itself, in a global and interactive manner.

Goddard's low residency bachelor program allows students to earn a degree while still contributing to their communities, places of work, and families. Goddard's students are part of an international community, but are united in their attempts to bring about change. Our student's passions are varied, their causes many. This journal celebrates the unique Goddard environment. The writers and artists published in this edition live all over the world, their works reflect a variety of landscapes, experiences and interests.

We asked our peers to submit their most compelling pieces, works that startle, that stop us in our tracks, works that walk the borderlines of genres and conventions, works that open the window to another's world. The pieces compiled in this edition do this and much more. Not only do they represent the variety of the Goddard community, they also represent the college's ability to function in unconventional formats.

As editors we met in person only twice and have used email, blogs and conference calls to facilitate the formation of this journal. We all came together to complete this journal while pursuing our own academic goals, going to work, taking care of our loved ones, planting our gardens, traveling and juggling everything else that came our ways. When we came together to create Guideword we were doing so not only as editors, but as students, spouses, parents, lovers, siblings and friends. Thus Guideword represents the full spectrum of many lives, the lives of artists as well as the lives of those who read and selected work and created this blog. We hope that you will enjoy the work presented here, that it will perhaps serve as a starting place, as a sort of beginning. Enjoy!

Fall Semester Editors:

Megan Baxter
Stuart Davis
Camilla Jacobs
Pat Kennelly
Adanna Sylvester
Nyx Brimmer-Williams
Shane R. Toogood

Spring Semester Editors:

Megan Baxter
Kate Carr
Stuart Davis
Brianna Johnson
Anne Silva
Shane R. Toogood
Alexander Villarreal
Natalie Wasmer

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